About the certification exam general guide

Thank you very much for using this site “qualification exam general guide”.

This site has created to make it possible to easily search for some hundreds of qualifications in the world. Why did you do such a thing, from qualifications that everyone knows in hundreds of different qualifications, do you have such a qualification? It is a variety of things.

So I thought about trying to create a site that can easily check various qualifications, I started the “Qualification Examination Guide” on this site.

Everyone also try hard on the goal of obtaining various qualifications and exams introduced in the “Qualification Examination Guide”.

Please allow us to gather information by using this site “qualification exam general guide” at your own risk.

“Qualification exam general guide” posts a lot of contents of qualifications and exams, we are making sites to serve users, but some users may post information that is not necessary depending on the users.

The information posted on this site is careful not to make mistakes, but because of the site in the range of personal hobby, responsibility for the legality and morality of the contents, permission of copyright, accuracy etc. I can not assume it.

In addition, we will not be responsible for the damage caused during the use of “qualification exam general guide”.

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